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Our business philosophy, Market-Based Management®, is a value system and framework for action that encourages employees to be principled entrepreneurs. This philosophy enables us to practice a process of creative destruction, constantly searching for opportunities to improve and grow.

Flint Hills Resources employees are guided by a set of MBM® Guiding Principles that drive them to act with integrity, strive for 100 percent compliance, and create real long-term value in the company’s businesses, its industry and its communities.

To assist employees in applying the MBM® Guiding Principles to daily business activities, the company has adopted a Code of Conduct. Our employees are charged with working to understand the Code and to make continuous improvement toward our compliance goal of 100 percent of employees fully complying 100 percent of the time. The Code is intended to be consistent with legal obligations globally, including those under collective bargaining agreements and any other applicable laws. If there is an inconsistency between the Code and any applicable law or collective bargaining agreement provision, FHR will comply first with the law or agreement.




Source: https://www.fhr.com/about/philosophy.aspx

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