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The primary mission of KLUX is to provide positive, wholesome programming that promotes and amplifies Judeo-Christian values and the precepts of the Roman Catholic Church to the largest possible audience, while it enriches and gladdens the hearts of all beliefs.

To this end, the station provides easy listening music interspersed with programs and messages that are responsive to its primary mission, as well as the needs of the community as required by FCC rules. Topics such as health, nutrition, housing, employment, education, and family life, as well as inspiration and spiritual growth, are included in the daily schedule of 30, 60 and 90 second announcements.

The station format has been crafted to entertain, inform, inspire and serve; to exist as a viable broadcast alternative for the community. Listeners are invited to consider life from a positive perspective; one which offers hope, peace and a sense of purpose, that comes from knowing Christ and the Good News, in a widely accepted broadcast setting.

When selecting and scheduling programming, KLUX considers the needs of the Catholic Church in Corpus Christi and the needs of the majority of it’s listeners, while applying recognized precepts of radio audience maintenance. This approach allows the station to be responsive to its primary mission, while meeting the needs, concerns and interests of the community as mandated by its FCC license.

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Source: http://klux.org/about-us/our-mission/

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