Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3 Kicks Off the Season!

February 6 at 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM
Performing Arts Center at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.
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Contributed by: Mark Francis

Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach sought to provide him with examples of his work, possibly leading to a commission or employment. These concertos are a type of concerto called a concerto grosso – a work for multiple soloists and orchestra. The group of soloists is called the concertino. The orchestra is called the ripieno. The general idea of concerto, no matter the number of soloists, is contrast – contrasting the theme played by a large number of instruments versus a small number of instruments.The 3rd Brandenburg is interesting in the way the instruments play both roles of soloists and accompanists, the musical lines weaving in out of each other.

There are 3 movements, though the second movement is extremely brief and serves as a bridge between the first and third movements. The instrumentation of the work is 3 violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos, bass and harpsichord. The concerto grosso grew out of favor after the early 1700’s. However, in the 20 th century, with the Neoclassism, interest in older forms re-emerged. Bartok and Lutoslawski produce 2 fine examples of Concertos for orchestra.

Also on the February 6th program are Brahms and Beethoven. Call 361-883-NOTE (6683) to get your tickets today!

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