Don’t Miss the New and Upcoming Renovations!

Recent and upcoming renovations to the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi PAC promote a cleaner, lighter feel, as well as energy efficiency and improved seating around the center. 

Our December 11th Home for the Holidays concert is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on all of the recent renovations at the TAMU-CC Performing Arts Center. To provide a lighter and cleaner feel to the PAC lobby, a new, monochromatic lobby floor has been installed as well as a complete upgrade to LED lighting. This all compliments an installation of acoustic tiles, making conversation in the lobby area easier. Additionally, a new video monitor underneath the staircase can be programmed with information about current and upcoming PAC events. 

The campus side of the building has also received ample upgrades with a totally re-designed sidewalk as well as a selection of new picnic tables and benches for improved outdoor seating. The new slider door on the West side also contributes to better energy efficiency in the building. 

 As we continue through our concert season, be on the look-out for additional changes coming to PAC. For instance, in December the PAC will install a new, retractable video screen inside the hall that can be used to enhance performances, like adding visuals to music. Expect this upgrade to be completed before the January CCSO concert. And, in the summer, they will be adding a myriad of changes including installing new seating inside the hall, refinishing the stage, installing new carpet and adding even more new flooring. 

You can catch upgrades in person when attending this season’s CCSO concerts (tickets available) or by keeping up with the TAMU-CC PAC on their Facebook or Instagram pages. 

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